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    TEVO Heater Stand

    We are proud to offer the all-new, commercial-grade, multidirectional TEVO Heater Stand. It’s now easier than ever to move the TEVO Heater from one outdoor location to the other with this new lightweight, easy to assemble, easy to carry, multi-directional stand.

    Due to the strict electrical standard requirements, virtually no other outdoor heater has a certified stand, but we listened to customer requests and took the heater that's designed to be the fastest warmest heater you'll ever own and made it easy to pick up and move anywhere outdoors. So now wherever you go, the feeling of warm and cozy sunshine is right there to provide instant comfort.

    The TEVO Heater Stand is custom designed to meet all Australia and New Zealand safety requirements and is easily assembled and installed.

    TEVO Heater Stand is sold separately to the TEVO Heater.